3adda Company

3adda for Business Information Solutions is a company dedicated to providing information robust solutions for the business with expertise in the area of Fraud Detection.

The Pioneer BI Solutions company in Egypt, in a market of big players : SAS, IBM, Oracle,….. while we build our own End-to-End solutions using the DataScience and AI Technologies and methodologies.

We Create information management projects that deliver value to the company and improve its productivity based on strategic decision making.

Our Story

Our company 3adda is one of the recently emerging Business Intelligence Software Companies in the 'new Egypt': A Software house specializing in BI solutions and serving different business verticals such as Telecom, Pharmaceutical, Insurance and Banking. We deliver state-of-art computer systems which not only meet but also exceed customer expectation.

Established in 2010, our story goes way back decades in time. It all started with a passionate young Egyptian entrepreneur, who then knew too little about the world, yet still dared to dream. They young man took every opportunity life gave him and made the best of them, and created a dozen more with his bare hands.

Now, 20 years later, he's gathered every ounce of knowledge he collected from around the globe, and breathed life into his vision: 3adda Company. "3adda" is an Arabic word that stands for "precise number counting". And if you're for the leading/premium company/datahouse for precise analytics/BI/solutions, you're in the right place.

Our Vision

To be the Business Intelligence InsurTech Leader in the Medical Insurance Industry worldwide by 2030

Our Mission

“Our mission at 3adda is to help insurers achieve highest profitability across their value-chain by employing the optimum set of Technologies merging: AI, ML, DL, and achieving these results with the minimum cost of ownership in the shortest time-span for learning of the business cycle and processes.”

A Word from the President/CEO

From a restaurant 'dish washer' in Ontario, Canada, to founder and President of 3adda, I know what it is like to start at the bottom and work my way up the business world ladder. Not without difficulties and many obstacles along the way, my hard work, endurance and sheer determination have all proven worthwhile, and I can now say, I have achieved one of my many goals: Establishing in 2010, my own company, 3adda.com.


3adda is not just a 9-5 business, it's my hobby, my love, my creation. Iteratively, every achievement in my life, fueled the momentum for the next achievement in an upward spiral growth fashion.

My view is that all businesses require 'intelligent' management. Large or small, every business needs to make the right choices to grow and succeed. That is where 'Business Intelligence' enters the frame: I know that because it got me to where I am today.