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3adda Finalizes MFDPS Project

3adda finalized and deployed Tawuniya Medical Fraud Detection and Prevention System.

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3adda Contracts Tawuniya

3adda signed a contract with Tawuniya, the largest insurance company in Saudi Arabia to build a strategic medical fraud detection and prevention system.

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3adda Partners With IBM

3adda partners with IBM to sell and support Advanced Analytics group of products including Cognos, TM1 and Watson.

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3adda Builds the First Part of MFDPS

3adda build the first part of ‘Medical Fraud Detection and Prevention System’ that has been funded, tested and certified by ITIDA.

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3adda Renews Its SLA With Tawuniya

3adda renewed its SLA with Tawuniya to support and maintain the Medical Fraud Detection and Prevention System.

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3adda Wins ITIDA Project

3adda won a project with ITIDA, the Egyptian Governmental Information Technology Industry Agent.  The project was a cloud ‘Intelligent Health Information System (iHIS).

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Head Office:

+1 862-220-7905

MENA Office:

+20 112 440 2222