Insurance Intelligence “InsInt”


Insurance Intelligence Framework by 3adda, a set of intelligent solutions for the Medical and Healthcare sector.  A must have for Insurers stay on a competitive edge.

Medical Fraud Detection System

Medical Fraud Detection System

Business Analysts discovered that around 6-10% of Medical Insurance claims are frauds. We’ve, proudly, developed a very sophisticated Medical Fraud System to the largest insurance company in Saudi Arabia—Tawunyia (formerly NCCI). We’ve gained a great experience which could easily elect us to similar systems elsewhere.

Customer Retention System

Customer Retention System

Retaining a customer is much less expensive than acquiring new one. 3adda provides a complete intelligent Churn Analysis supported by Retention Policy Ontology.

Medical Smart Card

Medical Smart Card


The same insurance card but with smart chips which store an insurer's medical available benefits which on minimizing the Healthcare fraudulent transactions and increase customers loyalty, also save all visit information so the patient has no need to carry out his papers as everything will be saved on smart card.

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Intelligent Medical Filing and Fraud Detection System

Intelligent Medical Filing and Fraud Detection System


A complete Filing and Medical Visits System.  You no longer need to carry our your medical records, visits, x-rays, reports, .. etc.  They are all archived on the cloud and your doctor can see them anywhere anytime!

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Medical Services Dictionary

Medical Services Dictionary


Is a system helps insurance companies to overcome the issue of receiving different service price lists per each medical providers by building a general service dictionary and mapping all providers price lists to it depending on text matching techniques

Medical, Healthcare and Insurance Advanced Analytics

Medical Healthcare and Insurance Advanced Analytics


3adda provide a variety of analysis to the insurance industry.  From descriptive analysis to cognitive analyses we provide an intelligent unique analytical solutions that encapsulate experiences in AI and Insurance.



The world 4th largest gold jewellery designer and manufacturer.

United Nations

United Nations Development Programme.

Saudi Hollandi Bank

Established in 1926 and the first bank to operate in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


One of the leading Insurance Companies in Saudi Arabia.

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Saudi Fal

Oil and Petrochemical Company Saudi Arabia.

Egyptian MCIT

Intelligent Medical Filing and Fraud Detection System on the Cloud.

Mantrac Group

3adda conducted Data Mining Courses to help Mantrac BI team perform Advanced Analytics.

Royal Insurance

Royal Insurance assigned 3adda Co. to build a turn-key Insurance BI System, July 2013.

Giza Power Industry

Teaching advanced excel Course to employees from different departments of Finance, HR, Quality control, IT, Planning and Inventory from 4-12-2017 to 3-1-2018.



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